Recent DCRP Graduates, Doctoral Dissertations, and Masters Theses

Doctor of Philosophy

Gautam Bhan  In the Public Interest: Evictions, Citizenship and Inequality in Contemporary Delhi

Hiba Bou Akar  Contesting Beirut’s Frontiers: Urban Development, Militarization, and the Spatial Production of Religious-Political Difference

Emilio Martinez de Velasco Aguirre  Global Innovation Bridges: Exploring a New Policy Instrument to Support Innovation and Economic Development in Peripheral Regions

Sylvia Geehae Nam Speculative Urbanism: The remaking of Phnom Penh

Gregory Newmark Implementing Innovation in Planning Practice: The Case of Travel Demand Forecasting

James Rubin  Choosing Transit: The Influence of Past Travel Behavior, Attitudes and Habits on Present Choices

Alex B. Schafran The Long Road From Babylon To Brentwood: Crisis and Restructuring in the San Francisco Bay Area

Master of City Planning, Fall 2011

Warner Brown Transportation Planning and Data Availability in China: A Case Study of Xi’an Textile Town

Grace Lin Evaluating the Effectiveness of Online Trip Planners for Small Transit Agencies

Adriana Navarro-Sertich Transience as a “Way of Life”: Development Induced Displacements, Internal Migrations and the Politics of Urban Planning in India

Carmen Lauren Oleksinski Fare Payment Technology

Kathleen Phu Regional Aviation in NSW - Market Analysis for 2013 Bios

Teresa Tapia  Transportation Planning for Changing Communities: Case Study of Two HOPE SF Sites

Daniel Tischler  An Investigation of Bicycle Facility Investment and Ridership on Caltrain

John Urgo Street Design and the Law: Assessing Legal Barriers to More Flexible Street Design Standards in California

Master of City Planning, Spring 2012

Hedaya Al Hammadi  Affordable Housing in Abu Dhabi: Analysis and Recommended Strategies

Jacob Bintliff  Assessing Vulnerability and Risk to Climate Change for Adaptation Planning

Matthew Braughton  Evaluating Los Angeles’ Vermont-Western Transit Oriented District Specific Plan - Ten Years Later

Matthew Brill  Trial Urbanism in an Environment of Engaged Citizenry as a Means to Explore New Street Configurations or Urban Typologies

Connery Cepeda  Development and Policy Analysis for San Diego City/Park Streetcar Feasibility Study

Matthew Chwierut  Fostering Connections in the East Bay’s “Innovative Cluster” for Broad-based Economic Development

Richard Crockett   Below Imperial: Drainage Infrastructure in a Desert Terminal Basin

Anna Fedman   An Investigation into the Expansion of Bio Gas as a Renewable Energy Resource

Shannon Fiala  Implementation Challenges of the Ocean Beach Master Plan

Robin Eloise Gilliam  Assess Challenges to Environmental Planning Participation in South Los Angeles’ Crenshaw District

Prospero Juan Arturo Herrera III   Can we Improve Health in Oakland by Eliminating Green Space Deserts? Linking Public Health and Residence Near Green Spaces

Justin Horner Regulations for Residential Development Near High Volume Roadways

Paolo Ikezoe  Recognizing Transportation and Urban Design Considerations on Market Street

Erik Jensen  Microarchitectural Interventions in the Urban Right of Way to Serve Community Needs

Michael Katz  The New Labor Movement: Organizing America’s Excluded Workers

Karla Jane Kingsley  Fostering Connections in the East Bay’s “Innovative Cluster” for Broad-based Economic Development

Laura Kremen Adler   Technologies of Urban Renewal: Interrogating the Smart City Paradigm in East Baltimore

Zakhary Mallett  Transportation and Land Use Policies for Sustainable Affordable Housing

Anna McCorvey  Social and Physical Indicates of Successful Affordable Housing: Case Studies on 2 Bay Area Projects from Good Neighbors: Affordable Family Housing

Yujiang Mou An Examination on Job-Housing Balance in Shanghai Jinqiao District

Salma Mousallem  Mathare Valley Collaborative Slum Upgrade Plan

Michael Newton-McLaughlin  The Decontestation and Hope of Public Space in Hanoi Vietnam

James Pappas  The Effect of Transit Investment on Low and Moderate Income Neighborhoods in LA County and Recommendations for Implementing Measure R’s New Rail Investment with Equity in Mind

Michael Rhodes  SF Parking Meter and Time Limit Preliminary Evaluation

Casey Rogers  Mathare Valley Collaborative Slum Upgrade Plan

Christine Schildt   Fiscally Sustainable Infill Housing Development

Matteo Stiglich Special Regulatory Zones and the Re-Configuration of Planning in Lima

Michelle Thong Implications of Industrial Land Use Conversion in the Lawrence Caltrain Station Area

Jacobus Van Der Merwe Mathare Valley Collaborative Slum Upgrade Plan

Asiya Wadud Mathare Valley Collaborative Slum Upgrade Plan

Crystal Ward Simons Mapping Values in Coyote Valley: Assessing ecosystem service tool integration in local land use planning

Jessica Schofield Zdeb Assessing What Makes for Effective Partnerships in a Sample Drawn from Applicants to the HUD Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant