The Berkeley Planning Journal (BPJ) is peer-reviewed scholarly journal produced by City & Regional Planning PhD at UC Berkeley since 1984. We publish annually, and offer a collection of innovative and research oriented articles on contemporary topics in planning and urbanism. Authors include students, faculty, and others in the Berkeley planning community, as well as scholars from other institutions. BPJ's publication metrics are available from Scopus.

The Urban Fringe is a blog produced by BPJ with a focus on planning practice. It is intended as a space of exchange and dialogue between emerging planning scholars and others in the planning community. We invite short essays and multimedia content to be published on a rolling basis. Submissions based on studio projects, client reports, and internship projects are strongly encouraged.

BPJ Editors
Chester Harvey
Yanin Kramsky
Giselle Mendonça

Urban Fringe Editors
Cynthia Armour
Jeremy Halpern

Former BPJ Editors
Volume 28 (2016): Hayden Shelby & Amelia Hays
Volume 27 (2014): Elizabeth Mattiuzzi & Heather Arata
Volume 26 (2013: Jesus Barajas & Nicola Szibbo
Volume 25 (2012): Andrea Broaddus
Volume 24 (2011): Oscar Sosa
Volume 23 (2010): Oscar Sosa
Volume 22 (2009): Jolie Kaytes
Volume 21 (2008): Paavo Monkkonen
Volume 20 (2007): Gregory L. Newmark
Volume 19 (2006): Gregory L. Newmark
Volume 18 (2005): Jeff M. Vincent
Volume 17 (2004): Bradley Flamm, SangHyun Cheon, Mike Duncan, Xiaohong Quan, & Rana Romaira
Volume 16 (2002): Ananya Roy
Volume 15 (2001): Michael Carrol, Chris Ferrell, Karen Frick, & Jan Whittington
Volume 14 (2000): Peter Hall, Jonathan Mason, Larissa Muller, Michael O'Dell, & Michael Reilly
Isabelle Fauconnier, Blanca Esthela Gordo, & Juan Simon
Volume 13 (1999): Onesimo Sandoval
Volume 12 (1998): Chris Benner, Annette Kim, & Matthew Zook
Volume 11 (1996): Karen Chapple, Miriam Chion, & Kaveh Vessali
Volume 10 (1995): Rachel Weinberger & William Huang
Volume 9 (1994): Elizabeth Morris, Rolf Pendall, & Rachel Weinberger
Volume 8 (1993): David Simpson
Volume 7 (1992): Ruth Steiner
Volume 6 (1991): Raphael Fischler
Volume 5 (1990): Susan Handy
Volume 4 (1989): Stephen Tyler
Volume 3 (1986-88): Nancy Leigh-Preston & Cliff Ellis
Volume 2 (1985): Hilda Blanco
Volume 1 (1984): Hilda Blanco